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Screen Images

for TV Props and Computer Props

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FREE Graphics Assistance & Set-up!*

*Service is provided Free by Props America, when assistance is provided at the time of purchase of any TV or computer prop. 

Service does not include price of print. 

Screen print is included with price of product for item numbers ending “999”.   




Requirements for submitting artwork for TV and Laptop Prop Screens:

 File formats accepted:  EPS, PSD, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, or Printable PDF

 Minimum Resolution:  300 dpi

 Image Size:  Photos taken from a digital camera work well.  If you are creating your own advertisement or logo to put on the screen we recommend fitting your artwork to the size:  16"W X 9" H   


If you are not sure about the specifications of the artwork you have, please send it to us.  We are happy to assist you with all of your artwork needs.

Getting Started on Your Custom Screen Image

Creating and submitting images:  

If you would like to create a screen image, when placing your order select image option '999'--I want to submit my own image.  Once you submit your order, your order is sent directly to the Props America Graphics department.  A representative from the Props America Graphics department will email you requesting artwork (Props America Graphics Department is available 7 days a week and can be reached through the Help Desk).  If you have finished artwork that is great!  The graphics department will size your image and send you a proof for your approval. 

If you have pieces (i.e. photos, text, logos, etc.) that need to be arranged, simply email the pieces to your representative describing the layout you have in mind.  The Props America Graphics Department will work with and assist you through the design process.  Props America's goal is to have your order ship the following business day.  Some layouts do take longer depending upon the complexity of the artwork.  

Adding text to stock images: 

If you would like to add text to any stock image there are two ways to go about it.  First, you can select image option '999'--I want to submit my own image.  When the Props America Graphics Department contacts you, simply indicate the stock image you would like to use and the text you would like to add.  Second, you can select the stock image from the image options drop down list and in the 'additional notes' section of the order form indicate that you would like to add text to images.

The Props America Graphics Department will work with you to create a design layout with the look and feel you need.  Props America's goal is to have your order ship the following business day.  Some layouts do take longer depending upon the complexity of the artwork. 

How to add the correct Item Numbers to obtain the FREE Graphics Assistance:

Be sure to select items with custom screen images as options.  When shopping online, the easiest way to find these items is to sort by price (lowest to highest).  You will want to look for item numbers ending in "000" or "999".  These two suffixes, or endings of item numbers, should be the first 2 options when sorted by price from lowest to highest in a given product.

Item numbers ending in "999" indicate that you will be submitting or creating custom artwork for your prop screens.  Item numbers ending in "000" have an option of adding an image.  By selecting image "#999--I want to submit my own image" from the drop down list, this will indicate to the Props America Graphics Department that you will either be submitting or creating an image for your prop screen.


Frequently Asked Questions on Custom Screen Images:

If I have a picture that I want on the screen of my television how does that work?

First choose the size, style and color of the television prop you are interested in.  Once you have chosen what you want look at the screen choices available.  The screen option is indicated by the last 3 digits of the item number.  Screen image #999 is for custom screens provided by the customer.  Add this item to your cart.  After your order is placed a customer service representative will contact you by email requesting your image.   Reply to the email with your image attached.  The following file formats are acceptable: EPS, PSD, TIFF, JPEG, and Printable PDF.  The resolution of the graphics submitted needs to be at least 300 dpi for the image to look crisp on the screen of the TV props.  If you have further questions about image requirements please call Props America's customer service @866.909.6333.

Where can I view stock image choices online?

Here are the stock images available online.  If you are looking for something other than what is available online, contact customer service through the Props America Help Desk.  Props America has access to millions of images that can be used for the prop TV screens and computer prop screens.  Just let the Props America graphics department know what you are looking for and it will be found.



Props America Stock Images

#000 Off Position Screen

#999 Submit Your Own Image


Screen Images


to see larger views of these images.

#090  Food TV

#091 Hollywood News

#092  Evening News

#093  Emergency Response News

#094  Top News

#095 Golf

#096 Baseball Game 2

#097 Baseball Game 1

#098 Football Game 2

#099 Football Game 1

#100 Time Square

#101 Manhattan Bridge

#102 Sail Boats in New York City

#103 New York City at Night

#104 Autumn Trees

#105 Chesapeake Bay

#106 Fountain in the Park

#107 Massachusetts Bay in Boston

#108 Blue Manhattan

#109 Philadelphia

#110 Philadelphia at Sunset

#111 Baltimore at Night

#112 Atlanta at Night

#113 Fallen Heroes

#114 Jacksonville at Dusk

#115 Miami at Dusk

#116 Life in South Beach

#117 Holiday Lights in Birmingham

#118 Chicago at Sunset

#119 Minneapolis

#120 Chicago and Lake Michigan

#121 Barn in Field

#122 Golden Wheat

#123 Badlands South Dakota

#124 Fields of Green

#125 Mt. Rushmore

#126 Kansas City at Sunset

#127 Dallas at Night

#128 Dallas

#129 Houston

#130 Houston in the Afternoon Sun

#131 Colorado River

#132 Golden Fields

#133 Hoover Dam

#134 The Mittens

#135 Rock Formations in Utah

#136 Snow in Monument Valley

#137 Grand Tetons

#138 Grand Tetons in the Winter

#139 Joshua Trees

#140 Beautiful Wyoming

#141 Autumn in Utah

#142 Virgin River in Utah

#143 Rio Grande and the Chisos Mountains

#144 Salt Lake City at Night

#145 Crater Lake

#146 Columbia River

#147 Mount Shasta

#148 Redwood Forest

#149 Mountain Lake

#150 The Surf

#151 Big Sur

#152 Bald Eagle

#153 Forest Trail

#154 Lighthouse

#155 Glacier National Park

#156 Seattle

#157 Seattle at Dusk

#158 Seattle at Night

#159 Tropical Sunset

#160 Kauai

#161 Hawaiian Coast

#162 Waves Against the Lava Rocks

#163 Onomea Falls in Hawaii

#164 Hawaiian Stream

#165 Hawaiian Sunset

#166 San Diego Sunrise

#167 San Diego

#168 Golden Gate Bridge at Night

#169 San Francisco at Night

#170 San Francisco


#999 Provide Your Own Image

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