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Fake Food Props and its Uses

Date Modified: November 6, 2018 Author: Jennifer Mayo

fake sushi roll

Many believe the art of making fake food began in Japan in the early 1900’s when restaurant owners in Japan found that customers couldn't visualize the food items on their menus. To help customers, they began making fake recreations of their dishes to display in their windows or outside their shop.
Fast forward to 2018 and fake food has become something of a collectors item! Just look at  Akiko Obata, a Guinness world record holder, with a collection of over 8,000 fake food replicas! Her collection began when her sister picked up some old fake food samples from a local restaurant. She told one website, "Replicas are not real food, but I truly respect how each of them are made to look so real.” And she's right-- when done right, replica or fake food is truly art.
Fake Food Wine Group PackagesWhile we may not have items as exotic as what you'd find in Japan, Props America has a variety of fake realistic food items that could be used in a variety of ways. Besides collecting them for your own enjoyment, you could also easily use these props for home staging your next real estate sale, dress a set for a play, online video or other creative project, promotional photoshoots or whatever reason you may need realistic fake food.
Over 90% of the faux food items carried by Props America are handcrafted and ship warehouse direct from our artificial food crafters. The artificial food props carried by Props America are made from various types of plastics, resins and materials to replicate the appearance of real foods. All materials are non-toxic and safe, but should not be eaten or used as toys for children. Faux foods make a great addition to decorate your home, stage a model home, accentuate displays in your store and for resale.

fake candy food

Our fake food props run the gamut. For those who prefer guilty pleasures we have delicious looking cakes and cupcakes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The best part? They’re calorie free! You can buy fake cakes by the slice (chocolate icing or vanilla icing), heart shaped cakes (chocolate icing or vanilla icing), basic round cakes (chocolate icing, vanilla icing, vanilla fruit cake, chocolate fruit cake) cakes with a slice taken out, all the way up to fake wedding cakes!
We also offer a variety of chocolates and candies, including a spilled bag of M&Ms/Skittles, bowls of M&Ms/Skittles, chocolate dipped strawberries/cherries. Cupcakes are also on the menu, as well as cookies, donuts, ice cream and milkshakes, popcorn and 

fake chocolate cake for display

For those without a sweet tooth, Props America’s offerings also include bread and rolls, breakfast foods and beverages, cheese and crackers, fruit slices, drinks and beverages, holiday treats, salads and vegetables, sushi and more.
Fake food like this can be used for a number of purposes. For home stagers, you can easily dress up a boring dining room table or kitchen counter with some realistic fake/faux food. Set dressers, have no fear, our realistic food would look wonderfully real in your stage play, musical or photo op. Collectors, our fake food would look great in your case or on a shelf. Truly, the options are endless.
For more information on our fake food offerings, reach out to one of our friendly customer service agents. They can answer all your questions about the high quality food reproductions produced for Props America. Bon Appetit!