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Using Electronic Props for Event Planning

Using Electronic Props for Event Planning 

Props America StoreEvent planning is all about the details and the details are where props make a lot of impact. Props are to look natural and most importantly real, suspending disbelief. They also should be made for long shelf life so you can easily assemble and disassemble to save and use for future events. Let’s break down a few ways that you can use fake electronic props for your events

Tablet PropsTablets Props

If you’re marketing an app or planning an event in conjunction with an app developer, consider the idea of using tablets with custom graphics to match your app’s look. Our Props America tablets for example come in three colors: Matte Black, Matte Silver and Matte White. The matte finish hides pesky fingerprints and dust from view. They are 9.5” and come with a stand. You can customize the wallpaper or screensaver and even choose the orientation that will best support your event’s graphic. There’s an optional keyboard available too if needed for your event tables centerpiece. All Props America tablets are constructed from durable molded plastic. Adding your apps custom graphic to one of our fake tablets/ipads/readers (whatever you’d like to call it!) as a centerpiece at your event should help with brand recognition, as guests can see it as they converse with others at their table.

Laprop Props for Center Pices and Party DecorLaptop Props

Laptops can also be used in event planning. Laptops are a great way to display your website in a passive subliminal kind of way. In the same respect, if you work in the tech industry, you can use the laptops to display custom graphics of your services and products. Our Props America’s 17” laptops come in three colors: Matte Black, Matte Silver and Matte White. They can be opened and closed and like our tablets they’re made with durable molded plastic. Laptops are a good way to display graphics on a display table, sign in area or wherever you’d like. 

Computer Prop DisplayDesktop & TV Props 

If you’re looking for a larger screen to brand your logo on, our fake desktop computers or televisions should do the trick. You can use these in event planning for a variety of things. Maybe you’re planning a photo booth activity and need props to dress the set or maybe your company has just signed off on an amazing television related project, using custom graphics and fake electronics props like ours at Props America will help brand your event in a big (screen) kind of way! Like our tablets and laptops, our fake desktop computers come in three colors: Matte Black, Matte Silver, Matte White. Our TV’s range from 22” to 60” and come flat or curved. (To find the best TV size for your space, read this article on how to choose)

Props America  

If you need fake electronic props like computers, laptops, television or tablets for your events, Props America’s American made high quality props are perfect for any sort of project. If you’re planning an event with a ‘techie’ theme, we’ve got you covered. Electronic props can make great enhancements to your space, whether it’s for home staging, dress setting or event planning!
If you have any questions about our products, custom services or the company in general, we welcome you to call us and speak with a friendly customer service agent. If you are searching for faux flat screen TV Props, decorative flat screen TV Props, plasma television props, HD prop TVs, proptronics, fake flat screen prop TVs, faux TVs, cardboard box props, or metal TV props & cardboard TV prop alternatives, laptops, tablets or more for your next event, you have come to the right place.

Fake Food Props and its Uses

Fake Food Props and its Uses


fake sushi roll

Many believe the art of making fake food began in Japan in the early 1900’s when restaurant owners in Japan found that customers couldn't visualize the food items on their menus. To help customers, they began making fake recreations of their dishes to display in their windows or outside their shop.
Fast forward to 2018 and fake food has become something of a collectors item! Just look at  Akiko Obata, a Guinness world record holder, with a collection of over 8,000 fake food replicas! Her collection began when her sister picked up some old fake food samples from a local restaurant. She told one website, "Replicas are not real food, but I truly respect how each of them are made to look so real.” And she's right-- when done right, replica or fake food is truly art.
Fake Food Wine Group PackagesWhile we may not have items as exotic as what you'd find in Japan, Props America has a variety of fake realistic food items that could be used in a variety of ways. Besides collecting them for your own enjoyment, you could also easily use these props for home staging your next real estate sale, dress a set for a play, online video or other creative project, promotional photoshoots or whatever reason you may need realistic fake food.
Over 90% of the faux food items carried by Props America are handcrafted and ship warehouse direct from our artificial food crafters. The artificial food props carried by Props America are made from various types of plastics, resins and materials to replicate the appearance of real foods. All materials are non-toxic and safe, but should not be eaten or used as toys for children. Faux foods make a great addition to decorate your home, stage a model home, accentuate displays in your store and for resale.

fake candy food

Our fake food props run the gamut. For those who prefer guilty pleasures we have delicious looking cakes and cupcakes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The best part? They’re calorie free! You can buy fake cakes by the slice (chocolate icing or vanilla icing), heart shaped cakes (chocolate icing or vanilla icing), basic round cakes (chocolate icing, vanilla icing, vanilla fruit cake, chocolate fruit cake) cakes with a slice taken out, all the way up to fake wedding cakes!
We also offer a variety of chocolates and candies, including a spilled bag of M&Ms/Skittles, bowls of M&Ms/Skittles, chocolate dipped strawberries/cherries. Cupcakes are also on the menu, as well as cookies, donuts, ice cream and milkshakes, popcorn and 

fake chocolate cake for display

For those without a sweet tooth, Props America’s offerings also include bread and rolls, breakfast foods and beverages, cheese and crackers, fruit slices, drinks and beverages, holiday treats, salads and vegetables, sushi and more.
Fake food like this can be used for a number of purposes. For home stagers, you can easily dress up a boring dining room table or kitchen counter with some realistic fake/faux food. Set dressers, have no fear, our realistic food would look wonderfully real in your stage play, musical or photo op. Collectors, our fake food would look great in your case or on a shelf. Truly, the options are endless.
For more information on our fake food offerings, reach out to one of our friendly customer service agents. They can answer all your questions about the high quality food reproductions produced for Props America. Bon Appetit!

Electronic Props’ Importance to Staging

Electronic Props’ Importance to Staging

Fake Electronic Props. Props America TV Props for Staging and their Importance.At Props America we know how important it is to stay up to date with trends; this is why we offer a wide variety of electronic fake prop equipment with optional customizable screen images to create an authentic look to the props for your photoshoot, set or home staging. From TV’s to tablets to computers, we have a variety of electronic props needed to have an up to date in style look and feel for any project.


Making sure you have up to date technology themed props on your set may not seem as important as large furniture pieces but pause for a moment and think again. Yes, big details like large pieces of furniture (sofas, chairs, coffee tables, office desks, bookshelves, etc) are important, but the smaller details can really define a room, giving it character and a bit of added pizzazz.


TV Props

With 39% of American households claiming to have 3 or more TV’s in their home, that is one very important prop. If you’re dressing or staging a living room scene you should consider adding a television set. (You can read more about how to size and place a TV set for you project in this article. We offer flat and curved screen television sets that can be wall mounted or put on stands with screens ranging from 22”- 60”. They are made to look like plasma or HD screens with or without speakers and our prop TV’s are top notch.


TabletsFake Electronic Props - Silver Tablet Prop

Highlighting tablets in your space is a good idea as well as there are 1.1 billion tablet users worldwide. Our prop tablets come in three colors: white, silver and black with an optional keyboard (sold separately). You can choose whether the displays are vertical or portrait and can provide custom artwork for the tablet or use some of our pre-made options. Props America prop tablets come with a stand and are made in a matte finish to ward off fingerprints! With consumers converting to using smaller electronics (like tablets) to do what larger ones (like computers) used to do, staging these tiny devices around will showcase where your customers may be able to place theirs and therefore increase their interests in your offerings.


Computers and Laptops

A computer or laptop is a must when staging an office space. Our fake computer prop monitor measures 22" on the diagonal with a molded 3D keyboard with stationary keys. The visible screen or picture area of the dummy computers can be customized or like the tablet you can choose from a pre-designed template. Our models which come in black, silver or white look realistic enough to showcase the potential of having a computer in the staged room.


Laptops may be losing some thunder to tablets but are still viable options to showcase how one can use a space in multiple ways. If you’re staging a kitchen with a desk/alcove area for example, you can diversify the space by putting a laptop there. Props America’s laptops are some of our best sellers for good reason. They open and close and come in black, silver and white. They’re also a great place to market your business as we can easily place your logo on the screen! Utilizing technology when staging your room or dressing your set is well worth it. It’s those finishing touches that make a place look truly lived in.


Prop Laptop in Black.All our electronic props at Props America whether simulated flat screen TV props or computer props are made in the USA at Props America's manufacturing facilities. Products are shipped factory direct to ensure you the lowest price and quick delivery times. Props America flat screen television props and laptop computer props are made of molded polystyrene (durable molded plastic) for a long and durable shelf life with multiples uses of assembly and disassembly. While cardboard TV props (box props) and cardboard computer props sag, warp and peel; you will never have this problem with your Props America decorative flat screen TV props and molded plastic computer props. Next time you’re in the market for some fake prop electronics, contact one of our friendly customer service agents. We will be happy to help you select the best electronic props for your project.

Fake TV Props - How to choose TV’s for staging

Fake TV Props - How to choose TV’s for staging

When tv staging a room with props for real estate salesWhen staging a room with props for real estate sales, independent films, photoshoots and more, authenticity goes a long way in making the room look natural and lived in. This is particularly important when looking at where to place prop television sets while dressing your set. 
With around 39% of homeowners owning 3 or more TV sets, a prop TV is definitely something to consider ordering if you are dressing a living room, bedroom, kids room, kitchen or any other room where a TV would be appropriate.  There are a variety of prop TVs ranging from 22"- 60" that are  flat screen or curved screen, table mounted or wall mounted. There are many television props available when looking for realistic prop televisions to add the finishing touches to your room or set. We’ve had a number of customer’s purchase several TV’s at Props America over the years and can therefore share a few tips on what to consider when shopping for TV props. 
What are key things to consider when placing a prop television in your room? Asides from using a prop TV to fill empty wall space, it can also be seen as a work of art and an important part of the home that families gather around to spend quality time together. This lets you know how important it is to consider the audience you’re selling to. If your demographic is younger and more prone to hosting viewing parties, a larger TV would make sense for the room. If you’re going for an older demographic or one that values watching television content less than millennials or baby-boomers, a smaller TV may make more of a statement than a large one.
For the analytically minded there are formulas tossed around to help you choose the proper size TV for your space. One site suggests the "minimum TV dimensions should be one third of the optimal viewing distance and the maximum should be one fifth. For the visually minded, this means that you should keep the optimal viewing distance in mind even if the prop TV doesn't function for the sake of realism. For example,  a 60" television may work for a large living room, but may not work for a smaller narrower room where the seating is too close to the television.
When placing your prop television in your room, you should also consider the angle in which you place it. TV’s are typically recommended to be parallel to your eyes “with no more than a 15-degree angle up or down and no more than a 40-degree angle to the left or right”. Granted no one will be watching your TV, but the more realistically a prop is placed the more believable it is.

Here are a few things to think about for Prop TV’s:

Large Prop TelevisionsFor Larger Prop Televisions: Use larger prop tv’s in large open living rooms and place them in a way that would be parallel to the seating area for the realism. Wall mounted TVs make a great statement on a plain wall with added touches placed around them. Large scale standing TVs also look great when displayed nicely alongside shelves and family photos. (At Props America we also have TV stands and bases to suit many ideas.) As far as style goes, living rooms are a great opportunity to display the next big thing which are currently curved television screens and don’t forget to add the speakers!
For Smaller Prop Televisions: Use smaller prop televisions in tighter more narrow or compact rooms. Small prop TVs typically work well in bedrooms, kitchens or places where you wouldn’t usually expect the family to sit and watch TV together. Smaller TVs may not be a ‘statement piece’ but they can add a lot to making a room look lived in and natural.
At Props America, we have televisions galore that will work great for your next project. Our professional customer service team can answer any questions you may have about the quality of our TV props and how you intend to use them. We make the ordering process easy for you! For more information on Props America, our TV’s or other fake electronic props, contact us.