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Product ID TV47BGXXY999
47" TV Prop Plasma-LED Flat Screen TV in Gloss Black on Matte Black with Custom Screen Image
47" TV Prop Plasma-LED Flat Screen TV in Gloss Black on Matte Black with Custom Screen Image
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Price: $124.00

47" TV Prop Plasma-LED-LCD TV in Gloss Black on Matte Black with Image #999 Custom TV Screen

  • 47" TV Prop with Simple Frame "XX" Style. Screen Image #999 Custom TV Screen Included
  • Visit our Screen Images Page to learn more about creating and submitting your own artwork.
  • 47" TV Prop can be wall mounted* & table mounted. The base, or stand, is removable for quick wall mounting. No tools required for base removal. *NO plasma wall mounting kit needed. Props America faux flat screen prop TVs mount similar to a picture frame or painting with small screws or nails. 3M Command strips are a great alternative for wall mounting if you prefer to not put holes in the wall. Props America faux TVs are made of molded plastic to be light weight and durable.
  • This faux 47" prop TV style has a black gloss (shiny) finished front bezel around the picture screen area and an ultra slim profile. This is a beautiful 47 inch TV prop and one or our best selling TV prop styles for home staging and furniture stores.
  • This is not a real TV and has no working electronic components. This 47 inch TV prop is designed for staging model homes, staging furniture showrooms & marketing purposes.

TV Prop Dimensions & Specifications

Outer Dimensions (wall mount & no base): 45 13/16" W X 25 15/16" H X 1 1/2" D
Outer Dimensions (table mount with base): 45 13/16" W X 28 15/16" H X 6 7/8" D
Visible Screen (picture area): 41" W X 23" H
Weight of prop TV for wall mounting: 9 pounds
Weight of prop TV for table mounting with base: 10 pounds

Props America fake flat screen 47" TV props are perfect for home stagers, Realtors, home builders, model homes, model apartments, furniture stores to decorate, inform and show the usage of space. All of Props America fake electronic television props are made in the USA out of molded plastic. Props America fake flat screen television props are ultra light, inexpensive to ship, easy to store/move and easy to mount to a wall by yourself. Our products will not fade or warp over time like cardboard TV props.

Requirements for submitting artwork:

File formats accepted: EPS, PSD, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PDF, and AI
Artwork Size: 16" W X 9" H
Minimum Resolution: 300 dpi or 300 ppi

A proof will be emailed to you for your approval prior to shipping.

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